Green Waste Collection, Garden Waste Collection, Waste Solutions


When you are learning about waste solutions and practical ways to lessen impact on the environment composting is a great option. Garden waste collection and green waste collection from home projects big and small are not a problem. Piles of dirt, rubble, plant debris, or waste from landscaping can be a hassle, with every job is a trip to the dump involving strenuous labor, time, and money! We know the effort you already put into making you home beautiful so why not take the time to discard what you are trying to get rid of properly by choosing to contact Call i-haul?

From Grass clippings to discarded concrete the amount of debris that you clear to rebuild your space can be heavy and hard to lift, not to mention you may damage your vehicle without proper equipment or physical ability. Remember that when you are choosing a professional recycler you are choosing someone who can finish the job responsibly. Not only do we get the job done but we make you look good for choosing us, with Call i-haul you don’t have to worry.

When you consider the value our offer can’t be beat. We have everything you need to get the job done efficiently. When you have to call for backup who can you trust other than an experienced and invested professional like the team at Call i-haul? Professional, personable, and courteous service that has been vouched for time and time again. Make sure you don’t turn your chore into more work than it has to be. Contact our team at or visit our contact page to consult about how capable we are to handle your needs!

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