Waste Collection, Recycling Collection, Refuse Collection For Less!


The impact we each have on our environment by doing the right thing is tremendous, when you recycle you are reducing the amount of uninhabitable ground lost to landfill with every neighborhood’s waste collection. Over the course of a year the choices that every individual, family, business, and community make in regards to their waste collection will harm or help the environment in a number of ways. Sustainability and the practice of making a community effort to uphold waste collection, recycling collection, and most importantly refuse collection is important for every town to stay clean.

The practice of reducing refuse collection and harmful toxins from commercial manufacturing could be on the horizon as the top academic organizations everywhere such as UC Berkeley have recently started Masters Programs in Sustainability. It is not just a moral responsibility but a practical one, everyone can do their part to eliminate the amount of garbage we produce every year by purchasing the right products and making a pledge to recycle responsibly. When you contact Call i-haul you can be positive that you reaching out to someone that can get the job done the right way, responsibly.

When considering the facts organizing your community’s recycling collection is more important than ever a study by Duke University the practice of community recycling is more important than ever, approximately 55% of 220 million tons of waste generated each year in the United States ends up in one of the over 3,500 landfills. This makes recycling collection than an important decision for the earth, but also for your health, and the future of our communities.

One Comment on “Waste Collection, Recycling Collection, Refuse Collection For Less!

  1. This new type of collection could really help keep the landfills free from really hazardous materials. I think it would help to collect what we can from these fills and recycle what we can. There are some things that will have to be treated as trash because they can’t be used or recycled again.


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