Celebrate Our Partnership with The Futon Shop!

DSC04614.JPG If you are thinking of getting rid of any old furniture in your home there has never been a better time than now. Not only is i-haul offering an exclusive rate on furniture haul-away but we are partnering with The Futon Shop in Pleasant Hill to help spread the word about the benefits of removing chemically manufactured products! Call i-haul can remove an entire room for as low as $175 and with The Futon Shops design team you can find safer, affordable options that your family will love to enjoy spending time on without potentially harmful exposures!

Proud To Partner With Local East Bay Companies!

Start ridding your home of harmful chemicals today by visiting getting a quote from i-haul and visiting The Futon Shop online! You can learn all sorts of information about the benefits of chemical free furniture at The Futon Shop’s blog. With call i-haul you can remove old furniture and rid yourself of old, worn, and potentially toxic furniture for a fraction of the cost.

Follow up or consult with an expert online at The Futon Shop to find out the absolute best deals on chemical free furniture manufactured with the best ingredients in San Francisco. You can conveniently view what is known to be the most affordable selection of futons online or even visit The Futon Shop’s retail location of Pleasant Hill to schedule your so you can team up with two to try their exclusive line of affordable, hand crafted, organic, and chemical free mattresses.

We Offer The Best Furniture Removal At The Best Price!

Remember that by contacting Call i-haul you can always get a quote with no hassle. Our team is experienced in assessing your needs.

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