Deals For Any Size Load, There Is No Reason To Delay Getting Rid Of Clutter!


Looking For The Best Hauling Deals In The East Bay? You Have Come To The Right Place!

Not only at I-haul do you receive the absolute most professional hauling and recycling services at a fraction of the price competitors charge but you will get to connect with an experienced team known for their friendly demeanor! Our team takes pride in connecting with every customer to showcase what we are all about, protecting the environment and helping people get the job done the right way and at the right price.

Save Today By Calling (925) 798-3398

We have served the community for years through professional services, charitable donations, and volunteer services and our team is dedicated to making each customer feel great about their choice! When you take a look at our incredible online reviews from past customers and take the time to read why we are always going back there is no better recycling and hauling service in the East Bay to choose! When you get in touch with the experts in recycling, removal, and haul we will plan however we can to get the job done efficiently, we want to thank you for choosing us when you contact i-haul because small business really is the heart of the American economy!

Others Stand By That We Are The Best Junk Removal Service Around!

Our truck dimensions are sufficient for virtually any job you need and compared to almost double the price of competitors there is no reason not to consider us your partners in recycling and removal for whatever you need! Schedule for bigger jobs and we can bring our team out to finish the job in no time! With the cost of a full truck at $475 we can do any size up to one quarter of a full truck load!

Visit our contact page and let’s work to keep Northern California beautiful!

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