Don’t Just Buy American, Buy Local!

DSC04681.JPGSupporting a small business by buying American made products or connecting online with a local company really shows you care. Not only do small businesses have great opportunity to show off who they are online but connecting with us on social media helps us to avoid big budget advertising. I-haul and a number of its partners are lucky enough to bring local jobs to neighborhoods to preserve a better quality of life for everyone!

When you choose to buy American and do your due diligence to learn what you are bringing into your home you are likely to get an incredible value usually for one reason alone, the power of social media. These amazing values and great prices are achieved by connecting with customers online and cutting out the middle man that big corporations rely on so crucially to find customers, big budget advertising.

We take immense pride in the value we bring to the Bay Area and want to serve you the best we can. By providing accurate information and consulting with our team you can make sure you are served to the best of our abilities. We are ready to save you time, effort, and energy the best way we know how, getting rid of the clutter in your home. It’s time let someone help you to take back the functionality of your property. When you start by contacting Call i-haul you will be put in contact with an experienced professional in recycling. You are in good hands.

Call i-haul is proud to partner with The Futon Shop, a San Francisco business that is dedicated to sustainable and organic methods of manufacturing!

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