Smart Buying Guide

Buying from local, American small businesses is something we all can get behind for many reasons. Learn more about how to better interact with entrepreneurs and small business owners here! We have put together a few tips on how to better support local businesses and find the best value for your purchases!

Understand What You Are Buying & What You Need
With all the options for manufacturing it is almost impossible with big businesses to really “know what you are buying.” Sure you may be able to find where your product it is made but the methods of service, materials used, and who is benefited is important to consider. Learning what is toxic, unsafe, or undesirable can be tricky with all the distractions in our world but by creating a relationship locally is is easier to find a reliable source for your needs!

DSC04726.JPGKnow Whats Behind A Label
You wouldn’t judge a business by a label so why would you judge a product or service by its website alone? With the access to the internet we have and the invention of smartphones it is easy to research and contact virtually any business by researching information online!

The Internet Is A Great Way To Cut Out The Big Advertising Cost Of The Middleman
By connecting with small businesses you are preserving the competition of our economy. With synthetic, mass produced products marketed by big budget corporations we are devaluing craftsmanship. While saving a few dollars may be priority and there is always a positive in creating affordable options there is something to be said about the comparison to the quality you can get from a local business and the trust you can place in local manufactured goods.

Read Our Reviews We Are The Best Reviewed Hauler On Angie’s List!

Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List, Google, you name it & we are reviewed there. When you find a great deal it can sometimes be hard to believe, that is why we try to get verification from all directions. We give everyone the best deal on hauling services we can, call to consult and let us estimate your job for free!

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