Glass Fishtank Recycling

Fish tanks, lizard tanks, aquariums, & glass tank product accessories can be of the most difficult and dangerous items to throw away for families. Because of the cost and inconvenience to dispose of tanks thousands of aquariums will be left curbside, some will end up in local neighborhoods shattered in pieces. This is a hazard to families, pets, & the environment that Call I-haul is all too familiar with.

There are many reasons that keeping an old tank in your home for too long is a bad idea. These tanks are sometimes too heavy to move alone, and if they don’t not leak they are sometimes more prone to grow full of mold and bacteria when water pools. Old Aquariums left unchecked and this can make you sick! As an experienced recycle company and community leader the team at i-haul is always looking for locals dedicated to a cause that matches our interests which is why we are happy to present a new partnership with a good cause, our new friends at Fishtower.

When it comes to fish tank recycling & fish aquarium restoration Fishtower will pick up any restore-able old fish accessories from your home for restoration and re-donation! While they prepare for their kickstarter launch David and his team have made it their mission to make sure that no fish tank ends up curbside where it can potentially shatter and become dangerous debris.


“With us you won’t have to worry about delivering unused tanks to a dump and paying for disposal” says founder Dave Morrow. “We are a new company with big plans to bring exciting and innovative designs to aquariums but we also see an immediate need. Every tank donated is an opportunity to keep the streets cleaner and bring a tank into a home, school, or local business where they will be appreciated again.”

Contact i-haul and request a free fish tank pickup from Fish Tower and they can haul away your old aquarium usually within 24 hours. You can donate your tank or learn more by connecting with The Fish tower on Facebook or Instagram too!

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