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Social media is great for so many reasons, not only is it fun way for us to display our personality but it also a great way to connect with local entrepreneurs as well! We love to share artwork and projects built with recycled materials. If you have a home project that you want us to share contact us at so we can show your talent off to the world!

The effort these projects go to keep the earth beautiful is always worth praising, it takes real dedication to reuse. Creativity in recycling is one of the most exiting things about reusing, recycling, junk removal, & hauling. We love running into people like us who have imagination, a sense of humor, or immense talent!

one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

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Visit us on social media to see the best in east bay area recycling. Garbage Removal doesn’t have to be a bore when you call i-haul!

Glass Fishtank Recycling

Fish tanks, lizard tanks, aquariums, & glass tank product accessories can be of the most difficult and dangerous items to throw away for families. Because of the cost and inconvenience to dispose of tanks thousands of aquariums will be left curbside, some will end up in local neighborhoods shattered in pieces. This is a hazard to families, pets, & the environment that Call I-haul is all too familiar with.

There are many reasons that keeping an old tank in your home for too long is a bad idea. These tanks are sometimes too heavy to move alone, and if they don’t not leak they are sometimes more prone to grow full of mold and bacteria when water pools. Old Aquariums left unchecked and this can make you sick! As an experienced recycle company and community leader the team at i-haul is always looking for locals dedicated to a cause that matches our interests which is why we are happy to present a new partnership with a good cause, our new friends at Fishtower.

When it comes to fish tank recycling & fish aquarium restoration Fishtower will pick up any restore-able old fish accessories from your home for restoration and re-donation! While they prepare for their kickstarter launch David and his team have made it their mission to make sure that no fish tank ends up curbside where it can potentially shatter and become dangerous debris.


“With us you won’t have to worry about delivering unused tanks to a dump and paying for disposal” says founder Dave Morrow. “We are a new company with big plans to bring exciting and innovative designs to aquariums but we also see an immediate need. Every tank donated is an opportunity to keep the streets cleaner and bring a tank into a home, school, or local business where they will be appreciated again.”

Contact i-haul and request a free fish tank pickup from Fish Tower and they can haul away your old aquarium usually within 24 hours. You can donate your tank or learn more by connecting with The Fish tower on Facebook or Instagram too!

Waste Collection, Refuse Collection, & Junk Disposal You Can Depend On!


As many homes recycle practically, you may find occasionally working that the cost of waste collection is based on recycling. As you learn the difficulties of safely and responsibly transferring your refuse for waste collection you may realize that some jobs require specific practices for the recycling of materials that will need waste disposal. Finding someone who has whatever needed to deal with the waste collection job at hand can be easy with the internet. Finding what you need without having to personally haul rubbish can be a good investment. For entrepreneurs looking to reduce their effect on the environment it is important for every business to learn regulations about their industry set by the EPA.

The circumstances where you need proper waste collection is usually an unpleasant surprise, and unless you have shopped around it may be hard for you to navigate where to get the best deal. Knowing the process and having the method down will take some time if you are in an unfamiliar situation regarding waste collection. Beyond the size of the load you must dispose of there are a number guidelines that you must educate yourself about. Anything from locations, to junk removal prices, to what collectors will individually accept for collection can be vastly different from town to town.

Investigating what types of materials you come in contact with during the course of a year is important but you may not be able to predict everything you will produce and you may not know on the spot where you can dispose of what. With the internet there are so many sources to identify a trustworthy business. Beyond listings, websites, or google searching you need more than to find who has what you offer, you need to know that you can trust this person to get the job done responsibly. Go ahead and get in touch with us, whether you need to schedule a haul away, recycling job, or want to inquire about our capabilities we are all ears!

Our Customers Love Us & So Will You!



Now you can save big on dump runs!

We are so glad to have our customers support our cause. Every load or dump run we haul is a way to connect with someone who is trying to make the world a more beautiful place. If you are looking for a responsible professional to handle all of your hauling needs look no further than i-haul.

Call us today at (925) 798-3398 and find out how much you can save or visit our contact page for a free quote!

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Take Back Your Yard This Summer!

Has your yard become too much to handle after all? Would you rather relax and enjoy your outdoor space but you know it will take some serious lifting before you can do so? We have been out and about like crazy since the start of summer helping a ton of people clear their yards. We enjoy helping people with their waste and refuse problems because the fact is that being responsible can sometimes be expensive if you don’t know the right people.
We have the best prices around when it comes to hauling, not even the best summer deals touch the prices that we have to offer.


Best Hauling & Summer Deals You Have been Looking For

Not only do we show up and get the job done quick but we are one of the most experienced teams available so you can be sure we know  what it takes to safely handle any kind of debris you have. You get your space ready for summer decoration in no time if it is time to get rid of old projects that have served their time like we did below!

Call us today and find out how we can make your home more beautiful! We don’t just see it as hauling away junk, we see it as opening up the possibilities and making your yard look inviting again! Call us for yardwaste removal and experience the best recycling and yardwork hauling company with the best deals on in the East Bay!

Visit our contact page to get a free quote on what it takes to get your job done with the team at i-haul!

Presidential Service Guaranteed!

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Get The Best Price Hauling Deal From Bay Area Locals You Can Trust!

i-haul has always striven to provide service fit for a king no matter what size castle. We care about every customer and serving you the best of our ability so no matter what the case is you are sure to receive presidential treatment. Our owner Marco has been in the hauling business for nearly two decades and has always been someone that people feel comfortable enough around to trust. Sure you can put an ad up on Craigslist or pay someone a premium price to take care of your rubbish but why do that when you can work with someone you can feel friendly around?

So many times we meet a customer who is so delighted they found us they have juggled a few hauling companies around without finding much luck on someone they can work with on their terms. There are plenty of high tech companies out there looking to take your things and your money but there are few people behind businesses that are willing to take the time to properly serve clients and adjust according to their needs. Sofa Removal, Hauling, and Furniture Removal is our specialty. When you need to get rid of old furniture it can be a pain, no one wants to be the one leaving furniture on the corner of their house. Not only do sofas, mattresses, and lacquer wood finish home furniture products harm the environment but they are usually manufactured with harmful toxins so as they age your house becomes filled with toxic furniture.

Call Us For All Your Hauling Needs & Save Hundreds!

There is no other way to say it, we have the most competitive rates around the East Bay! We want to make sure that everyone has the chance to reclaim every foot of space they can by getting rid of excess furniture. Not only are we proud to bring you great service at a great rate but we are so excited to partner with local business such as The Futon Shop to clean up the environment and rid homes of harmful chemicals by offering special prices on furniture hauling! We can clear a room for as low as $175. Call us today and avoid the investigation it takes to find someone you can find.

Our Experience Can Pay Off For Your Home Improvement Project

We want to pass on the savings and expertise we have to everyone, we have served the bay area for decades! When you contact the experts in recycling, waste hauling, and sustainable disposal you don’t have to worry about putting us in contact with your contractor, we have whatever it takes. Dump runs on demand are also no problem with our crew, we can be there within 24 hours if it is urgent.

Not only do we have the best service but we offer the most competitive prices around and our staff is well equipped to support any project you are taking care of. When a contractor is in need of some extra hauling power there is no better business to call than i-haul. Our multi man crew, hydraulic lift truck, and relationships with disposers can help you solve many headaches when it comes to home renovation and redecoration.

“Experienced Haulers Can Clear An Entire Room For As Low As $175”

Our team of experienced haulers can clear an entire room for as low as $175, and our team can have any refusal hauled away in no time. A quick call or inquiry to discuss the contents of the load and we can suggest the lowest price absolutely to take care of it. Working with us is simple, contact through our website, email, or call during business hours to handle any job big or small. Call i-haul today at (925) 798-3398 and let’s work to keep Northern California beautiful!

When you start by contacting Call i-haul you will be put in contact with an experienced professional in recycling. You are in good hands with us, as a local Contra Costa waste service provider we are well reviewed on Yelp, carry 3 great deals on Angie’s list, & our Facebook is full of video testimonials as well!

In our effort to become the best garbage hauling service in Contra Costa I-haul has partnered with local businesses of the East Bay Area. We are proud to support green minded companies such as The Futon Shop of San Francisco business that is dedicated to sustainable and organic methods of manufacturing!

Smart Buying Guide

Buying from local, American small businesses is something we all can get behind for many reasons. Learn more about how to better interact with entrepreneurs and small business owners here! We have put together a few tips on how to better support local businesses and find the best value for your purchases!

Understand What You Are Buying & What You Need
With all the options for manufacturing it is almost impossible with big businesses to really “know what you are buying.” Sure you may be able to find where your product it is made but the methods of service, materials used, and who is benefited is important to consider. Learning what is toxic, unsafe, or undesirable can be tricky with all the distractions in our world but by creating a relationship locally is is easier to find a reliable source for your needs!

DSC04726.JPGKnow Whats Behind A Label
You wouldn’t judge a business by a label so why would you judge a product or service by its website alone? With the access to the internet we have and the invention of smartphones it is easy to research and contact virtually any business by researching information online!

The Internet Is A Great Way To Cut Out The Big Advertising Cost Of The Middleman
By connecting with small businesses you are preserving the competition of our economy. With synthetic, mass produced products marketed by big budget corporations we are devaluing craftsmanship. While saving a few dollars may be priority and there is always a positive in creating affordable options there is something to be said about the comparison to the quality you can get from a local business and the trust you can place in local manufactured goods.

Read Our Reviews We Are The Best Reviewed Hauler On Angie’s List!

Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List, Google, you name it & we are reviewed there. When you find a great deal it can sometimes be hard to believe, that is why we try to get verification from all directions. We give everyone the best deal on hauling services we can, call to consult and let us estimate your job for free!

Don’t Just Buy American, Buy Local!

DSC04681.JPGSupporting a small business by buying American made products or connecting online with a local company really shows you care. Not only do small businesses have great opportunity to show off who they are online but connecting with us on social media helps us to avoid big budget advertising. I-haul and a number of its partners are lucky enough to bring local jobs to neighborhoods to preserve a better quality of life for everyone!

When you choose to buy American and do your due diligence to learn what you are bringing into your home you are likely to get an incredible value usually for one reason alone, the power of social media. These amazing values and great prices are achieved by connecting with customers online and cutting out the middle man that big corporations rely on so crucially to find customers, big budget advertising.

We take immense pride in the value we bring to the Bay Area and want to serve you the best we can. By providing accurate information and consulting with our team you can make sure you are served to the best of our abilities. We are ready to save you time, effort, and energy the best way we know how, getting rid of the clutter in your home. It’s time let someone help you to take back the functionality of your property. When you start by contacting Call i-haul you will be put in contact with an experienced professional in recycling. You are in good hands.

Call i-haul is proud to partner with The Futon Shop, a San Francisco business that is dedicated to sustainable and organic methods of manufacturing!

Deals For Any Size Load, There Is No Reason To Delay Getting Rid Of Clutter!


Looking For The Best Hauling Deals In The East Bay? You Have Come To The Right Place!

Not only at I-haul do you receive the absolute most professional hauling and recycling services at a fraction of the price competitors charge but you will get to connect with an experienced team known for their friendly demeanor! Our team takes pride in connecting with every customer to showcase what we are all about, protecting the environment and helping people get the job done the right way and at the right price.

Save Today By Calling (925) 798-3398

We have served the community for years through professional services, charitable donations, and volunteer services and our team is dedicated to making each customer feel great about their choice! When you take a look at our incredible online reviews from past customers and take the time to read why we are always going back there is no better recycling and hauling service in the East Bay to choose! When you get in touch with the experts in recycling, removal, and haul we will plan however we can to get the job done efficiently, we want to thank you for choosing us when you contact i-haul because small business really is the heart of the American economy!

Others Stand By That We Are The Best Junk Removal Service Around!

Our truck dimensions are sufficient for virtually any job you need and compared to almost double the price of competitors there is no reason not to consider us your partners in recycling and removal for whatever you need! Schedule for bigger jobs and we can bring our team out to finish the job in no time! With the cost of a full truck at $475 we can do any size up to one quarter of a full truck load!

Visit our contact page and let’s work to keep Northern California beautiful!

Celebrate Our Partnership with The Futon Shop!

DSC04614.JPG If you are thinking of getting rid of any old furniture in your home there has never been a better time than now. Not only is i-haul offering an exclusive rate on furniture haul-away but we are partnering with The Futon Shop in Pleasant Hill to help spread the word about the benefits of removing chemically manufactured products! Call i-haul can remove an entire room for as low as $175 and with The Futon Shops design team you can find safer, affordable options that your family will love to enjoy spending time on without potentially harmful exposures!

Proud To Partner With Local East Bay Companies!

Start ridding your home of harmful chemicals today by visiting getting a quote from i-haul and visiting The Futon Shop online! You can learn all sorts of information about the benefits of chemical free furniture at The Futon Shop’s blog. With call i-haul you can remove old furniture and rid yourself of old, worn, and potentially toxic furniture for a fraction of the cost.

Follow up or consult with an expert online at The Futon Shop to find out the absolute best deals on chemical free furniture manufactured with the best ingredients in San Francisco. You can conveniently view what is known to be the most affordable selection of futons online or even visit The Futon Shop’s retail location of Pleasant Hill to schedule your so you can team up with two to try their exclusive line of affordable, hand crafted, organic, and chemical free mattresses.

We Offer The Best Furniture Removal At The Best Price!

Remember that by contacting Call i-haul you can always get a quote with no hassle. Our team is experienced in assessing your needs.