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Check Out Our Reviews

Check Out Our Reviews

For the past three years Call i-haul has gotten rave reviews on Angie’s list and Yelp! Our Yelp page and the acknowledgement from the awards we get online isn’t why we do what we do it is the result of our dedication to a job well done. Service and the pride we take in doing our job diligently is something that you can verify with our online reviews and resources. It is our duty to keep our communities clean and what better way to do it then find someone you can trust!

With Call i-haul you can make sure you that you aren’t bringing in someone who isn’t qualified as you would like. We have the experience and drive to handle any job the right way which is why we want to give you a chance to read our reviews first! Whether you need a partner to handle specific needs or you are looking to get a job done hassle free contacting Call i-haul is the best way to proceed.

Not only are well supplied with a hydraulic lifting gated bed for all your hauling needs but we are well connected with subcontractors to handle any job that comes along! Our friendliness and expertise has landed us quite a bit of connections in the Bay Area so we want to pass along our knowledge to you. Call us today and consult with us, look no further than Call i-haul if you are looking to get the job done the right way!

CASA Advocate

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In our East Bay community Call i-haul reaches out best it can to help children in need through being a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children. Being there for neglected children is a great responsibility that gives us tremendous purpose which is why we proudly partner with CASA and where their logo proudly! Every day in this country, 1,900 children become victims of abuse or neglect, and four of them will die.

Our partnership with CASA and the passion we have for our work is from the true belief we have in our ability to preserve the planet and pass on a better future for our children. Our missions go hand in hand which is why we want to spread the word about what you can do to help us help children and families in need! Whether you want to become an advocate yourself or learn what families we can help you donate too it is our responsibility to be there for those we can serve in the East Bay.

Without considering the facts it is easy to overlook the severity of how overwhelmed the foster care system is in the United States from what you hear. Whether or not you visit’s info page and learn more about how child neglect can affect your community or not you can still help by donating your items for reuse. Join the effort to recycle and help families with second hand items in need with Call i-haul! If you have items to donate be sure to reach out to us by using our contact page!

Foreclosure Hauling Service, storage moving, transport

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Affordable Hauling For Those In Need

Reliability is something that money often can’t buy, when you’re in a difficult situation having a helping hand from someone who understands your position can really make the difference in a tough transition. The professionals who take the time to understand your needs really care about serving the community and in hard times of foreclosure we have done our part to give you what you deserve. We understand that there are no set guidelines to giving committed excellence during financial hard times or sudden crisis but given the courage to lend a helping hand feel it is our duty to extend a hand however we can.

You need help moving suddenly and unexpectedly but you don’t quite have the manpower or the resources to haul away as fast as you need. When you have to vacate on a whims notice we can be there in the knick of time. Consulting to learn the best way to handle your job with us is easy as visiting our contact page and verifying the quality of our service is easy as reading our reviews! We can work with any company, organization, or household to take the hassle off of you in trying times.

If you need a lending hand for moving on short notice you can reach call i-haul get the help you need. There is a great advantage in knowing the right people and having dependable people on your side. You see all sorts of transport services but who can you really choose to work for you? When you call us there is no reason why you shouldn’t expect the best because that is what we offer to every customer we serve. We are here to serve the East Bay, not only in times of prosperity but times of need whatever they may be!

Green Waste Collection, Garden Waste Collection, Waste Solutions


When you are learning about waste solutions and practical ways to lessen impact on the environment composting is a great option. Garden waste collection and green waste collection from home projects big and small are not a problem. Piles of dirt, rubble, plant debris, or waste from landscaping can be a hassle, with every job is a trip to the dump involving strenuous labor, time, and money! We know the effort you already put into making you home beautiful so why not take the time to discard what you are trying to get rid of properly by choosing to contact Call i-haul?

From Grass clippings to discarded concrete the amount of debris that you clear to rebuild your space can be heavy and hard to lift, not to mention you may damage your vehicle without proper equipment or physical ability. Remember that when you are choosing a professional recycler you are choosing someone who can finish the job responsibly. Not only do we get the job done but we make you look good for choosing us, with Call i-haul you don’t have to worry.

When you consider the value our offer can’t be beat. We have everything you need to get the job done efficiently. When you have to call for backup who can you trust other than an experienced and invested professional like the team at Call i-haul? Professional, personable, and courteous service that has been vouched for time and time again. Make sure you don’t turn your chore into more work than it has to be. Contact our team at or visit our contact page to consult about how capable we are to handle your needs!

Refuse Haulers, County Hauling


When you are looking for a company that is a trusted source for county hauling you can search far and wide for refuse haulers and hauling services. What you are looking for is something who knows the area and doesn’t dilly dally with your stuff along the way. Not only do you sometimes need to know someone who is familiar with what’s around the corner, you are going to need particular circumstances where you need someone who can stick around for whatever you need to get the job done in your county. Call I-haul is there for you whatever the job may be, and we get in and out quick as we need too!

Jobs that require Refuse Haulers sometimes require more than just a typical load and drive, sometimes there are circumstances where you need experienced professionals that can adequately judge what safety measures you need to take. Sure the trip may not be too long but knowing what is what can be confusing from securing, handling, unloading, and even following opening times for disposal sites.

The best way to develop the skills needed to get the job done is to have the experience that a trusted hauling company has at a local level, that is why we have been told we are the very best by everyone we serve! There is no competition when reading about the experience we have deliver to our customers. When you need someone reliable in your county for hauling refuse you have nothing to worry when contacting Call i-haul!

Recycling Junk, Junk Recycling

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Clearing space can be difficult but when you consider the stress that piles up with clutter it makes sense to re-organize whenever you can! When your attic, backyard, spare room, or shed is full it is not difficult to  labor of clearing your storage area or getting rid of Junk. Recycling Junk metals and Junk Recycling itself is a great way to salvage whatever can be used again. When you have space that you absolutely can’t stand to see cluttered anymore there is a way to get the relief of taking back what is yours when you decide to make a change.

Spring cleaning and good riddance is made easy with the right help, there is nothing like seeing a room transform before your eyes into a space that you can breathe and relax in! Home staging and redecorating is no longer a pain with your very own crew! The East Bay has trusted us to move anything from A-Z so read our reviews or contact us today to find out a place to recycle, dispose, donate, or even sell your junk!

We consider ourselves professionals in Junk Recycling, over the years we have cleared out spaces and found plenty of new homes for discarded materials just waiting to be brought back to life. The power of recycling comes alive when you discard, instead of taking up space and making your house a less pleasant place you can take the discarded materials in your backyard, garage, closet, or storage area begin a new journey! Recycling junk is a way to give back while beautifying your living spaces that have become cluttered!

Company Recycling


Getting your company to the standard doesn’t require completely revitalizing your mentality to “go green” in fact the plans that are executed well require good decisions behind spending along with decisions about disposal. Understand your budget and the waste your company already produces and how your employees affect the community with the waste they produce by conducting business. The benefits of being sustainable don’t just affect your budget but your reputation as well.

A business that leads the way in recycling materials is a business that consumers can get behind without guilt. Managing waste by natural processes and hauling away can be easy, working with local haulers can be a great way to cut down the time it takes to dispose of junk, compost, refuse and sometimes for recycled materials they can help find buyers! Your company and its priorities speak for themselves, so know that when you dedicate yourself to the environment and benefiting the neighborhood you do business in you are leading the community and giving people an example to follow in your industry!

When trying to determine whether or not to get the business aligned on an initiative to go green it doesn’t hurt to consider that sustainability is great business! Consumers are demanding little by little that businesses sell, create, and pioneer sustainable products that are good for our health and the environment. By having your business promoting the responsibility and standard of safety you follow you are doing more than making the change visible for profits, you are making a statement to communicate that you are looking out for the safety and health of all you work with! Contact us today and help the East Bay more beautiful!

East Bay Recycling, East Bay Recycle


When you look at the efforts to promote East Bay Recycling, every community does their part and educates home and business owners about what to compost, recycle, and buy to aid in disposal of reusable materials. When looking at services in the East Bay who can recycle your waste you can usually find a partner who has the connections and resources to easily dispose of your waste safely. Environmentally safe practices must become feasible solutions which is why recycling is not only in style, but a continually growing part of Northern Californians!

We have the choice to live in a way that benefits our health and everyone around us by staying on top of our choices regarding what we use and how we conserve but some things you just can not recycle without a partner. When you are given a choice between a large disposal service and a small business you might be hesitant that local entrepreneurs would have the resources available to soundly take care of rubble, non-hazardous waste, or materials that you can re-use when reprocessed.

Within the Bay Area’s attempt to recycle are the businesses and people at home who purchase sustainable products. If you are not making an effort to recycle and compound you may want to consider the benefits of leading your community to recycle properly. Every neighborhood wants to clean up its streets and having community wide efforts often take a skilled professional to help organize the disposal, plan, handle, and transport materials. Contact Call i-haul today if you are looking for the right experts to handle the job!

Recycling Services, Waste Recycling, Waste Pick Up Service


It is not an exaggeration to say that recycling services in the bay area come in all shapes and sizes. When you need someone who can handle a diverse array of materials you may be in luck with a local provider but the question that you have to ask when it comes to your neighborhood or business should be for who can you trust? With the amount of waste generated by businesses in California it is not an easy responsibility but behind any service that helps keep California clean is a dedicated individual who knows the impact that trash has on the environment. When you contact Call i-haul over any other provider of waste pickup service or local recycling service you finding someone who knows how valueble your time is.

In all of California there are dozens of choices for recycling services alone but finding a dependable ally in trash management can be difficult from town to town. If you want a partner that you can trust with your waste pick up there is no reason why you can’t have someone who can handle whatever you need. Hauling away rubbish or compost can be a long process when you don’t have the right people on the job, the right business to partner with yours is the one that makes it look good whenever you need that extra help.

The amount of waste that people produce is largely dependant on what we choose to consume but knowing exactly how to buy sustainable and verify materials takes some research. In order to truly live sustainably you must have a good amount of background knowledge in multiple disciplines. It is not too much to say that when you want unwanted trash you just can’t get rid of fast enough, whether it is unwanted metals, plastics, or materials you can usually find the benefits to be well worth the inconvenience of taking the time to recycle properly with a dedicated waste recycling service.

Waste Collection, Refuse Collection, & Junk Disposal You Can Depend On!


As many homes recycle practically, you may find occasionally working that the cost of waste collection is based on recycling. As you learn the difficulties of safely and responsibly transferring your refuse for waste collection you may realize that some jobs require specific practices for the recycling of materials that will need waste disposal. Finding someone who has whatever needed to deal with the waste collection job at hand can be easy with the internet. Finding what you need without having to personally haul rubbish can be a good investment. For entrepreneurs looking to reduce their effect on the environment it is important for every business to learn regulations about their industry set by the EPA.

The circumstances where you need proper waste collection is usually an unpleasant surprise, and unless you have shopped around it may be hard for you to navigate where to get the best deal. Knowing the process and having the method down will take some time if you are in an unfamiliar situation regarding waste collection. Beyond the size of the load you must dispose of there are a number guidelines that you must educate yourself about. Anything from locations, to junk removal prices, to what collectors will individually accept for collection can be vastly different from town to town.

Investigating what types of materials you come in contact with during the course of a year is important but you may not be able to predict everything you will produce and you may not know on the spot where you can dispose of what. With the internet there are so many sources to identify a trustworthy business. Beyond listings, websites, or google searching you need more than to find who has what you offer, you need to know that you can trust this person to get the job done responsibly. Go ahead and get in touch with us, whether you need to schedule a haul away, recycling job, or want to inquire about our capabilities we are all ears!