Brentwood Recycling

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Brentwood Recycle

The Brentwood community of Contra Costa County is one of the fastest growing communities in Contra Costa. We understand that with growth there are certain services that a growing community needs. One of these services is junk hauling and trash removal. If your home has recently undergone a remodel of any kind we can handle the hauling service of getting rid of all the debris and trash left over from these kinds of jobs.

You know there are some items that your local trash company will not haul away.For example if you just did your annual cleaning or just a general cleanup and found yourself with more trash than usual or big bulky items your garbage man will just drive by and well…. just leave that pile of trash there. At I-Haul we specialize in trash hauling of just about any kind. From an old mattress, old chairs, desks, or any other furniture.

I-Haul can handle nearly handle all your junk removal and trash hauling needs. Contact Us