Concord Recycling

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Concord Ca Recycling

Chances are you are a local Concord resident, just like us, in need of a hauling service, exactly what we have been providing Bay Area residents for more than ten years now. Wether you need some yard waste removed or help taking out all the junk accumulated through the years in the garage… We are here to help!

We perform a full service getting rid of all your junk quickly and we do it with a smile. Also, we make sure we recycle as much as possible and donate to charity whatever can still be used so you not only make your home or office cleaner but also help the Concord community and the local environment

Furniture Removal:
There are all sorts of benefits associated with replacing old furniture. Do you know that furniture manufactured in the last 10 years was most likely made with banned chemical flame retardants? For this reason alone we are offering an incredible deal and can clear an entire room for as low as $175!

Visit our partners at The Futon Shop in Pleasant Hill for the most affordable organic & chemical free furniture!

Give us a call, we are close by and will be happy to come to your home or office and give you a free estimate. You’ll be in good hands with the best Hauling Company in Concord and all the San Francisco Bay Area! Contact Us