Danville Recycling

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Danville / San Ramon Recycling

A hop, skip, and a jump away, I-Haul is a junk removal service available to service the beautiful city of Danville at a moments notice.

Whether it’s an attic, or a garage. A construction site, or a home. Yard waste, or household junk. Whether it’s one small item, or multiple loads, we can clean it up and take it away for you, leaving you with more space, and less clutter in your life.

Best Recycling Consultants For Organic Homes:
There are all sorts of benefits associated with replacing old home products such as mattresses, waste, and most of all furniture. Do you know that mattresses manufactured in the last 10 years are most likely made with banned chemical flame retardants? For this reason alone we are offering an incredible deal and want to clear an entire room for as low as $175!

Visit our partners at The Futon Shop in Pleasant Hill for the most affordable organic & chemical free furniture!

In addition to hauling, we offer demolition, organizing, and yard work, and more. Our goal is to make it easy for you. Contact Us