Lafayette Recycling

lafayette.pngLafayette Recycle

I-Haul has been servicing the people of Lafayette for over 15 years now, with pride and an eager eye on leaving our clients with a smile on their face and a lot less stress in their minds. The beauty and cleanliness of this city makes it one of the more pleasurable areas for our crew to work in with it’s expansive landscape and unique homes.

Some of the homes in Lafayette are so exclusive and remote, that some clients have worried about providing an access point for our drivers, as they can be difficult to navigate at times. Things such as steep driveways, dirt roads, and narrows passageways don’t get in the way of an I-Haul truck or crew. Our familiarity with the area, as well as our desire to get the job done effectively enables us to get even the toughest projects out of the clients hair, leaving them to regain and enjoy their space again for themselves and/or their families and pets. Rain or shine. Contact Us

Best Price Sofa Removals :
There are all sorts of benefits associated with replacing old furniture. Do you know that furniture manufactured in the last 10 years was most likely made with banned chemical flame retardants? For this reason alone we are offering an incredible deal and can clear an entire room for as low as $175!

Visit our partners at The Futon Shop in Pleasant Hill for the most affordable organic & chemical free furniture!